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The images of the disaster in Haiti are both astonishing and heartbreaking, and the death toll continues to rise. Some are in shock, others are desperate in a dire situation that is growing even more dangerous. Water is running out, aid is slow in coming, medical personnel are in short supply, and armed gangs roam the streets in search of resources to steal. If you want to see how serious the situation is, and how horrific it may yet become, read this post over at the Pyromaniacs blog.

Is the earthquake in Haiti a demonstration of God's judgment? Some think so; others aren't so sure; and still others are appalled at the suggestion. Understandably, our emotions are often out in front when we look into the eyes of human suffering. In times like these, it's especially important to turn to God's Word for answers. John MacArthur's sermon, "Supernatural Lessons from a Natural Disaster," will equip you to answer questions with a biblical perspective, pointing others to the only hope in Jesus Christ. (Click here to listen to John's sermon right now.)

In the meantime, the earthquake has wreaked havoc on a poor country, and there is much to do. The compassion of Christians everywhere has been aroused for the victims of this tragedy, those left homeless, widowed, and orphaned who wander the streets in shock and fear. It's clearly a time for prayer, that law and order would be restored so there is an environment in which search and rescue teams can work, aid workers can distribute food and water, and skilled medical workers can be brought in to treat the wounded.

Even after the initial crisis subsides, many reliable people will still be needed to help the people of Haiti—trustworthy volunteers to distribute food and drinking water; workers to clear rubble, repair the infrastructure, and rebuild; and counselors to help victims and their families adjust to a new reality. In the days, weeks, months, and years to come, Christians can make a tremendous impact in Haiti. How? By partnering with established organizations that have the infrastructure in place to turn donations into practical help—food, water, and other essentials; biblical counsel and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Grace Community Church has an ongoing partnership with Children's Hunger Fund (CHF), a compassion ministry that is unique in being gospel-centered and biblically-minded. Some of CHF's staff and leadership are members of GCC, and a few have been trained at The Master's Seminary. CHF is an efficient and trustworthy organization, having earned the highest possible ratings from MinistryWatch.com and Charity Navigator. Ninety-nine cents of every dollar donated to CHF goes to those who are hurting and in need.

By the providence of God, a CHF team trained Haitian pastors and volunteers in Bible-based mercy ministry just before disaster struck. In conjunction with their trip, they sent a sea-container to Haiti with 1,800 "Food Paks" (containing food, supplies, and aid)—the container arrived the Wednesday before the quake hit. CHF's network of churches, pastors, and counselors, having just been equipped and supplied, is right now on the ground distributing aid and proclaiming the hope of the gospel to a frightened and bewildered nation looking for answers.

CHF has another sea-container, filled wtih bottled water and ermergency food rations, staged and ready to ship from their warehouse in San Antonio, TX; they plan to send at least ten more cargo containers in the immediate future. From offices and warehouses in San Antonio and Los Angeles, CHF is already engaged in a coordinated effort with its network of churches in Haiti and the Dominican Republic to provide help and hope to the victims in Haiti.

You can help CHF fill and ship these containers fulll of aid, and you can support CHF and its network of churches, pastors, and counselors in several ways—pray for CHF and its efforts; give to CHF; and connect CHF with donors and resources. Take advantage of this opportunity to show Christian compassion. All the details are at the CHF home page.

Travis Allen
Director of Internet Ministry
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