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This post may seem just a little overdue, considering we started the blog a few months ago. We sort of jumped in with both feet, so to speak, hitting the ground running with posts that John MacArthur was passionate about.

Your response has been tremendous—your encouraging comments, thoughtful questions, and an overall affinity for this ministry are indicative of genuine fellowship in the truth. We’re overjoyed at how many of you are partners with us in the proclamation of a cross-centered, Christ-exalting gospel for the salvation of sinners, to the glory of God.

At this early stage in the game, there are a couple of things I’d like to make clear.

First—and I think most of you understand this—John MacArthur can’t post articles every day, or even weekly. The many demands on his time and attention require him to do a few things well—studying the Word and preaching it to Grace Community Church. John’s pulpit ministry drives everything we do at Grace to You, and his biblical ministry philosophy governs how we do it. All of us appreciate John’s faithfulness to his pastoral calling, but it means his posts won’t be as frequent as we’d like.

Second, this blog, along with the entire website, is an extension of the Grace to You Purpose Statement. We seek to edify the body of Christ at large, helping Christians grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. To accomplish that, you can see how we create series of posts from John’s sermons and books to examine particular points of doctrine, contemporary errors, and issues of general spiritual growth. We want to help Christians think more deeply about the faith.

Though you’ll probably never find John MacArthur himself responding to your profound and insightful comments (wink!) in the comment thread, he does take an interest in gty.org participants (click here) and truly appreciates what the Lord is doing through GTY’s Internet ministry (click here). So, you won’t often see posts from John exclusively for the blog (but sometimes you will), and he’ll never show up in the comment thread. You will, however, enjoy content that communicates John’s zeal for the truth and pastoral desire to see people transformed. That’s why we do what we do.

That brings me to a third point. You may not believe it (or, maybe you would), but we have only a handful of people responsible for GTY’s Internet ministry (only three full-timers). Since the blog began, we’ve allowed comments to post immediately—we tried to be as open and allow as much freedom as possible. But that meant we had to be extremely vigilant to read every single comment so nothing unseemly remained up for long. As you might imagine, scrutinizing every comment has strained our limited resources and compromised our wider stewardship.

Though we here at GTY are fully qualified and authorized to respond, we just don’t have the time to follow every commenter’s train of thought, respond to every question, confront every error, and correct every well-intentioned yet unrefined comment. Without constant attention and oversight, the comment neighborhood starts to look unkempt—broken windows, graffiti, and shady characters lurking in the shadows.

So, to ensure (1) Grace to You remains consistent with its name, (2) John MacArthur has the best platform for gospel proclamation, and (3) this website and blog reflect the glory and grace of our great God and Savior, we’re going to change how we handle comments. Effective immediately, we will moderate all comments. There will be a delay between the submission and the posting of comments, and we’ll post only the best, most relevant comments that drive the discussion in a respectful, helpful, and responsible way (per our guidelines).

We’ll see how that goes for now, and if my “comment cops/judges” tell me it’s not working, we may have to pull the plug on comments altogether. We all want to redeem the time, be fruitful for Christ, and live for the glory of God. We’ll continue the hard work of planning, preparing, and posting John’s content, as well as maintaining the platform and developing content to get as much of John MacArthur’s Bible teaching into your thinking as possible.

Thanks for your grace and understanding, and your continued participation in this ministry!

Travis Allen
Director of Internet Ministry

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