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To be clear, we’re not simply saying that people who believe in evolution have done bad things. People who have professed Christianity have done bad things too. But when people do bad things in the name of Christianity, it’s easy to see their behavior is inconsistent with the system of belief they profess. Simply compare what they do with what the Bible teaches.

Not so with evolution. People who commit wickedness as evolutionists act in a way that is consistent with that worldview. No God, no law-giver. No law-giver, no universal law. No universal law, no judgment. And no judgment means sinners feel free to commit sins with impunity. As John said, the consequences of one’s view on origins are far-reaching and hard to overstate.

As the dominant worldview of the scientific community, naturalism is an imposing and intimidating opponent of Christianity. These days many Christians are seeing another side to naturalism and evolutionary theory; they see a friend, not an enemy. Such Christians are increasingly comfortable (and vocal) with harmonizing evolution's insistence on long ages andbeneficial mutation with the Christian faith.

The question is why. Why do Christians want to make friends with evolution? Is the scientific evidence—actual facts—overwhelmingly in favor of an old earth and macro-evolution? Or, is something else going on here?

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