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Secular evolutionary theory abandons God as the first cause, replacing Him with chance. But, what is chance? Where does chance get the power to bring everything we now see into existence?

As John has said, chance is nothing, and out of nothing, nothing comes. Chance is the first cause of the evolutionary dream world; it’s the creator-god of modern, secular mythology. And just like the myths of old, when it’s weighed, it’s found wanting.

In the comment thread below, start by testing this statement: Theistic evolution (or any Old-Earth theory) keeps chance as the first cause, but changes its name to “God;” it keeps evolution as the means, but changes its name to “creation.” Agree or disagree? Make your case.

Second, can a Christian adapt an unbelieving paradigm (i.e., evolutionary theory, caused by chance) and still maintain that (1) God is the sovereign Creator, and (2) Genesis 1-3 is His historical narrative of how the world came to be?

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