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Have you ever wondered: How did the world come to exist as we know it today? Why are there so many different cultures and ethnicities? Where did languages come from? How can we explain the presence of evil?

We're naturally curious about where things come from, especially where we come from. And evidence of our curiosity is everywhere. You see it featured on television documentaries searching for clues to ancient civilization. Hundreds of family ancestry websites now specialize in tracing the history of a family name. With each passing year, archeologists claim to have uncovered the secrets to human beginnings. Some are even looking for answers on other planets!

Asking those kinds of questions is not foolish or sinful, but looking for answers in the wrong places is. The answer is not buried under centuries of rubble, or waiting to be discovered on the surface of Mars—it’s right there in the opening chapters of Genesis—the book of origins.

Listen to John MacArthur’s sermon excerpt, then take the following question to the comment thread for discussion: Other than the Bible, what worldview provides adequate answers to the origins of all these realities?

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