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According to Scripture, God created the universe over six days’ time and rested on the seventh day. But why six days? Not because he needed that much time to create, and certainly not because He needed to rest on the seventh. Rather, He was establishing a pattern for the cycle of work and rest—a permanent pattern for the good of humanity.

That pattern is reflected in the calendar the entire world depends on to measure time. There is no cosmic reason, no philosophical reason, no mathematical reason, and no scientific reason for seven-day weeks. There is only one reason: God. He established that order in Genesis.

Every week we go through a cycle that God established as a perpetual reminder that He created the world in six days. The seventh day is a memorial to His completed creation.

To reject a literal, six-day interpretation is to confound that memorial. Furthermore, it is a denial of the completeness of God’s creation. How? If everything evolved from nothing, or if creation was spread over eons of time, then there was no seventh day. So, according to evolution, creation is not only incomplete, it’s going on right now! John explains . . .

Now that you’ve heard John’s case—if you don’t agree—how do you explain six days?

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