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Uniformitarian geologists start with the assumption that the earth is millions and millions of years old. When they go to the evidence, they find what they’re looking for—old fossils, old rocks, and the marks of long ages of time.

But what if you start with a different set of assumptions? What if you go to the evidence assuming the biblical record is true, namely, that the earth is relatively young and there was a cataclysmic event known as the Flood?

That’s what John MacArthur assumes, and as he listens to scientists with similar assumptions, he finds that there are many indications of a young earth. Listen to today’s audio clip, then visit the comment thread to answer the questions below.


Now that you’ve heard a few young earth indicators from John, tell us what you think. What evidence from the natural world do you think indicates a young earth? Further, what arguments have you heard from young earth creationists that should not be used? As you think about that second question, you might want to look at the lists of bad/questionable arguments over at Answers in Genesis and Creation.com.

Let the games begin.

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