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Believing in evolution is not inconsequential. It has serious implications for the way we view our world—not just the beginning, the end too. The issue is purpose. God alone possesses the right to assign purpose to His universe, because He created it.

An evolutionist may set a purpose for himself, or adopt what society chooses for him—it’s rather arbitrary though. He doesn’t know who or what he is, doesn’t know where he came from or where he’s going, and doesn’t even know why he exists in the first place. Evolution robs him of reasons, strips him of purpose, and leaves him with a bleak and daunting outlook on life.

Contrast that with the Christian who takes God at His Word. He knows where he came from and who created him; he knows in whose image he was created; He knows why he’s here, where he’s going, and how he fits into the overarching purposes of God in history. See the difference? Listen in, as John MacArthur puts it in perspective . . .


Now that you’ve listened to John, consider the following: Where does an evolutionist find his purpose for existence? If he has one, on what grounds, or on whose authority, can he claim any purpose for his life? Further, what rules govern the pursuit of his purpose? Take it to the thread.

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