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When God addresses children directly in Ephesians 6, He gives them an amazing incentive for obedience. Here’s the deal: If you honor and obey your parents, you’ll enjoy a long, fruitful life.

Young people…does that seem like God is using a carrot-stick approach to entice you to obey? Let’s be honest—that almost sounds like the prosperity gospel, straight from the studios of the Trinity Broadcasting Network—“Obey the call to donate your money, and God will bless you with health and wealth.”

In today’s TBN-saturated environment, it’s easy to become jaded and look at God’s real promises with a bit of skepticism. How serious should you take God’s promise to you, His promise to fill your life with divine blessing? Listen in, as John MacArthur answers that question.


Now that you’ve listened to John, you understand the true prosperity that results from obeying and honoring your parents. Here are a couple questions you can discuss in the comment thread:

    1. TBN prosperity charlatans use trickery to manipulate obedience (i.e., “Send us your money!”). Young people, in what ways do you see parents manipulate obedience from kids in your generation?
    2. What is the prosperity and blessing you expect to receive from God as a result of obeying and honoring your parents?

Parents and the rest of you more mature readers, you can sound off too. Just because you’re not living under your parents’ roof doesn’t mean you don’t need to honor them any longer. Join in the conversation!

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