Unleashing God's Truth, One Verse at a Time

Listen in to a conversation about God’s will; you’re likely to hear talk about relationship concerns, job prospects, and college choices. Think about yourself—you want to know who God wants you to marry, what career He wants you to pursue, or where He wants you to attend school, right? We seem to have a short list when it comes to God’s will, don’t we.

God has a list too, but it doesn’t start with who you marry. God’s first concern is who you worship—He wills for you to come to Christ. That’s step one.

Tragically, many people groping around in the dark for God’s will miss that vital first step and never recover. In fact, darkness is a good analogy for their condition. Jesus said men love darkness rather than light, and that’s exactly where they remain when they refuse His offer of salvation—in darkness.

So, if you’re confused, frustrated and, well, in the dark when it comes to God’s will, take a look at John MacArthur’s sermon today. He’ll shed some light on the issue . . .

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