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We’ve been considering some of the necessary steps toward killing sin. That’s a binding command for every believer. No one is exempt from slaying sin (Colossians 3:5), but no one is powerless against it either (Romans 8:13). God has equipped and empowered all those who abide in Christ (John 15:5) with the necessary wisdom and weapons to succeed. Here are the steps we have considered:

First, understand your true position as a Christian. You are in Christ, united to Him through faith. He already triumphed over sin and His victory becomes your victory.

Second, weaken sinful habits and strengthen righteous behavior. Starve out sin, cut off all provision. Lay it aside like an old, worn out garment and replace it with righteous, godly behavior.

Third, fill your mind with Scripture. Let it saturate your mind, control your affections and determine the course of your life. Unleash the Word of God on your sins.

And now for the fourth and final step: Prepare for battle.

Now that you understand the nature and strategy of your enemy, prepare for its attacks. That means you anticipate ambushes, think like a soldier, train yourself for battle, and select your comrades carefully.

Along those lines, here are some final, practical steps you can take:

Those are just a few practical measures you can take to prepare yourself for battle. God has granted us victory in the war against sin, but we must engage in the battle. To dodge the divine draft notice is to forfeit all hope of victory.

Robert Moffat understood that concept. He served as a missionary to South Africa for more than half a century and said, “We have all eternity to celebrate our victories, but only one short hour before sunset in which to win them.” May God grant you strength in that heated hour of battle.

Slay your sins, Brethren.

Tommy Clayton
Content Developer and Broadcast Editor

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