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The day has come to close the comment section on the GTY blog. We are truly sorry to disappoint, but some recent staff changes have made this necessary—just not enough people to monitor and interact. This will be the last post where we’ll allow comments, but stay with us, we’ve got some great posts from John coming very soon.

I want to take a moment to express the huge debt of gratitude we owe to three individuals you’ve interacted with over the past couple of years.

The first man is Gabriel Powell. Gabe came to us with some serious programming skills—he was responsible for coding the last two versions of the GTY website. And for those of you who saw his interactions in the comment thread, you can see he’s also got some serious pastoral skills. That heart for ministry took him home to Washington to pastor a church plant after he graduated from The Master’s Seminary. Thanks for all you’ve done, Gabe. We wish you and your family a long and fruitful ministry at Sudden Valley Community Church.

The second man is Tommy Clayton. Tommy is a southerner—his heart never left the south, even as he attended The Master’s Seminary and worked at GTY. He was John’s broadcast editor for several years and did content development for the website. I watched his pastoral heart bleed through every article and interaction. Tommy rejoined his heart back home in Florida to work with his beloved pastor, mentor, and friend. God bless you, your family, and Riverbend Church.

The third man is Fred Butler. Fred has one of the strongest theological minds I know, is an excellent Bible teacher, and is a good friend. I’m happy to report, Fred hasn’t left us—that is a grace of God. Fred oversees GTY’s large force of volunteers who minister to so many of you by sending out mail, books, and CDs every week on a massive scale. Thank you for all you do, Fred. We all look forward to reading more from you on the blog in the near future. If you want to hear more from Fred, check out his blog.

So, the comments are open one last time to say “thanks” to those three men. Then we’ll carry on with more posts on the church and pastoral ministry.

Travis Allen
Managing Director

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