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I’m not sure if you’ll consider this news good or bad, but the GTY blog is back in business. We plan to kick it off again this coming Monday, and we’ll turn on the comment thread too. I’ve got to warn you though…

We’re gonna be pretty picky on the comments we post. Downright totalitarian.

We won’t post comments that are crude, coarse, or vulgar. Obviously. We won’t post comments that are off-topic, belligerent, subversive, or might otherwise derail the conversation. We want kindness and clarity, not prickliness or obfuscation. And be forewarned if you see comment threads as a platform for your teaching ministry—if you want to teach, talk with your pastors/elders about serving in your local church.

We will post comments that are encouraging, relevant, insightful, or provide substantive critique. We’ll post almost anything that’s witty (not snarky) or makes us laugh. If you can make your point with intelligent humor, you’re almost guaranteed a place in the comment thread.

You’ll notice those are judgment calls. If we fail to recognize the brilliance of your point, please forgive us ahead of time. We’re just ordinary, average guys (cf. 1 Cor. 1:26-31). So if your comment doesn’t make it into the thread, please don’t feel slighted, please don’t get angry, and please don’t firebomb our offices.

Even more to the point, please don’t flood us with emails demanding an explanation. We keep pretty busy around here, which means we’ve got to be ruthlessly judicious in how we use our time.

So check back with us Monday for some fresh content. And if you’re game, crack those knuckles, have a sip of strong coffee, and give us your best shot in the comment thread. We’re looking forward to exploring some edifying topics with you in the weeks and months to come.

Warmly in Christ,
Travis Allen

Managing Director

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