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We want to close this series on repentance and assurance by highlighting two sermons from John MacArthur. Both address the issue of assurance—from different perspectives.

As we’ve seen throughout this blog series, Scripture reveals that true repentance leads to lasting assurance. And assurance is not to be underestimated—it’s a taste of heaven here on earth. It’s a glimpse ahead to the joys and blessings that await us in eternity. And it’s a gift from the Lord—one that too many believers forfeit or reject.

Why then do so many Christians miss out on the benefits of assurance? A variety of factors can contribute to weak and failing confidence in salvation—underestimating God; overestimating sin; misunderstanding grace, mercy, and forgiveness; and lacking trust in the promises of God.

Nagging, overactive consciences can also cause Christians to doubt or question their assurance. John MacArthur addresses that issue directly in this short audio clip.


That’s an excerpt from John’s sermon “Why Christians Lack Assurance.” And if you’ve ever struggled with confidence about your salvation—as most believers have from time to time—it’s a message you ought to listen to. It’s a warning to avoid the sinful patterns and spiritual immaturity that rob believers of their assurance.

You should also listen to John’s sermon called “Resting in the Assurance of Our Salvation.” In it, he explains the valuable and vital role of assurance in every believer’s life, and he extols the great blessings and benefits of confidently resting in the promises of the Lord.

We know both messages will be a comfort and an encouragement to you.

GTY Staff

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