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The need for spiritual growth is apparent in the life of every believer. We must be transformed, refined, and sharpened if we’re going to break our old, wicked patterns and grow in grace and godliness. The pursuit of holiness is a lifelong battle against the world, the flesh, and the devil, in pursuit of Christlikeness.

However, the means of that spiritual growth is the subject of much debate. Is Scripture alone enough for my spiritual growth? What’s the Holy Spirit’s role in my sanctification? And are there activities and disciplines that will stimulate and advance that growth?

During a recent recording session, we asked John MacArthur about the biblical model for sanctification and the rising popularity of intuitive and mystical methods of spiritual formation. Here’s what he had to say.

Scripture is the source of all sanctifying truth. It’s the vehicle through which the Holy Spirit does His refining, sharpening work to make us more like Christ.

Tomorrow, we’ll look at the steps in that process.

In the meantime, what’s wrong with taking a more mystical, subjective approach to spiritual growth? How does that contrast with the biblical approach John described in the video?

GTY Staff

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