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For the last several years, we’ve had a front-row seat to a vicious, violent attack on one of the Lord’s most precious institutions. And make no mistake about it—the family, as established by the Lord, is under attack.

The assault is waged on many fronts—homosexual marriage, pervasive immorality, rampant divorce, and even the widespread acceptance of unwed couples and children born outside of marriage. They all chip away at God’s design for the family. The Lord created marriage as an image of His love and care for His people—our sinful society has turned it into a canvas for wickedness and perversion.

When he was recently in studio, we asked John MacArthur what’s most important about God’s design for the family, and what dangers face a society that rejects it. Here’s what he said:

Not long ago, we featured a blog series about the importance of biblical marriage and God’s design for the family. You can find all those posts collected on our series page.

And you can find further teaching on the subject in John MacArthur’s landmark series, The Fulfilled Family.

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