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It should be clear by now that unchecked anxiety isn’t good for you. It’s a sin expressly forbidden by the Lord, so there is the spiritual cost to consider. But it’s also harmful to your health, your productivity, and your relationships. It wreaks havoc throughout your life, and as we saw yesterday, it strangles your mind.

Why then do we find it so easy to worry? It’s a sin that ensnares most believers from time to time—shouldn’t we know better? Moreover, shouldn’t we be able to find the tools in Scripture to conquer our anxiety and guard ourselves from slipping back into worry?

When John Macarthur was recently in studio, we asked him about the nature of anxiety, where it comes from, and what solutions God’s Word has to offer people struggling with worry. Here’s what he had to say:

That emphasis on God’s sovereignty is where we’re headed with this series. Later this week, we’ll look at the sure promises of the Lord’s loving care and provision for His people and how His guarantees in Scripture should dispel our inclination toward anxiety.

Is that a trend you’ve seen in your own life? What calms your heart when you’re tempted to give in to anxiety and worry?

GTY Staff

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