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We hope you’re enjoying and benefiting from John MacArthur’s ongoing blog series on the local church. His next post will be up first thing Monday morning.

In the meantime however, we want to address a trend we’ve noticed in the comments. Some readers—perhaps many—are struggling to find a faithful, Bible-teaching church in their area.

If that’s your situation, we’re praying for you, and we hope John MacArthur’s examination of God’s design for the church is an encouragement during your search. This side of eternity, no group of people will perfectly fulfill God’s design for the church, but we should all be committed to and striving to meet His standard. To that end, we want to point you to some additional resources to help you find a local church where you and your family can worship, serve, and grow spiritually.

“What Should I Look for When Choosing a New Church Home?” (article)

“When Should People Leave Their Church?” (article)

Marks of a Healthy Church (audio series)

Finally, The Master’s Seminary offers an interactive map to help you locate graduates pastoring churches near you. We can’t personally vouch for every man or church on that list, but we trust it will help narrow down and inform your search.

And at the end of all that, if you still can’t find a faithful church to join, consider how the Lord might use you to help establish a solid, biblical church in your area. Just the other day, we heard from a commenter who is helping start a new church in his small island community.

What should be clear by now from John MacArthur’s blog series is that Christians aren’t meant to float through life, unattached to the Body of Christ. The Lord has a church home for you—even if it’s just a half dozen other believers who love His Son and His truth. We’ll be praying you find the church home God has for you, and soon.

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