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We’re pleased to announce a valuable new outlet for John MacArthur’s teaching. The Master’s Seminary has created a new online hub for John’s various ministries, called the Theological Resource Center (www.theologicalresources.org).

Through the Theological Resource Center, visitors have access to important, helpful teaching materials from Grace Community Church, The Master’s College, The Master’s Seminary, and Grace to You. Each ministry offers something different—for example, the seminary has made available a wide variety of online lectures, journal articles, and chapel messages.

The Theological Resource Center is a spectacular help to anyone who wants to deepen his or her love for and understanding of God’s Word. And with an ever-expanding variety of resources, this new website will be an inexhaustible aid in the spiritual growth of you and your family. We know you’ll appreciate and benefit from the work of our friends at Grace Church, TMC, and TMS. Check it out today!

GTY Staff

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