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The sons of Aaron . . . offered strange fire before the Lord . . . and fire came out from the presence of the Lord and consumed them (Leviticus 10:1–2).

Like the sons of Aaron, many in the church today have put themselves in the path of God’s judgment and wrath through careless, unbiblical worship. In particular, the Person and work of the Holy Spirit is the subject of many deceptive lies, distorted ideas, and damning errors. And the evangelical church has been silent or indifferent on these matters for far too long.

To bring God’s Word to bear on these vital issues, Grace to You is hosting the Strange Fire conference this October. Starting today, we will post a new Strange Fire media blog every Tuesday leading up to the conference. The purpose of these video and audio clips is to provide biblical answers to important questions about the worship and work of the Holy Spirit, the doctrinal dangers of the charismatic movement, and how these matters influence and impact your spiritual growth.

Today in our first video blog, John MacArthur tackles the question “Why do you think it’s okay, even loving, to confront the charismatic movement?”

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