Unleashing God's Truth, One Verse at a Time

The highlight of the Strange Fire conference is going to be the opportunity to hear from several different godly preachers who come from a variety of settings, all united by their love of the Lord and their conviction to faithfully teach His truth.

Steve Lawson is the pastor of Christ Fellowship Baptist Church in Mobile, Alabama. He’s also a prolific author, particularly on the topics of preaching and church history. We’re eager to hear him bring his considerable expertise to bear on topics like the Person and work of the Holy Spirit, and the nature of God’s revelation to us.

With that in mind, we asked Dr. Lawson what he planned to preach at Strange Fire. His answer will whet your appetite for all the Lord has in store this October.

And just a reminder: Today is the last day to register at the early-bird rate. Very few seats remain available—reserve yours before it’s too late!

GTY Staff

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