Unleashing God's Truth, One Verse at a Time

How dangerous would it be to leave the spiritual operations of Christ’s church to the opinions, feelings, and personal preferences of its leaders? Can you imagine the uncertainty and instability of not having an ultimate standard of authority on all matters of faith and practice?

Yet that is precisely what we see in every fellowship that demotes the Bible from its rightful place of authority. It’s easy to spot the anarchy that follows the outright rejection of God’s Word. But reducing Scripture’s authority to merely one voice among many creates a hollow, deceptive veneer of biblical fidelity.

In the following video, John MacArthur explains the centrality of Scripture in all facets of Christian life. He also discusses the propensity of the charismatic movement to elevate personal experience at the expense of biblical truth.

The Strange Fire conference is going to bring a necessary, biblical critique to bear on the charismatic movement and the resultant fallout of doctrinal chaos and confusion. For more information on Strange Fire, please visit the conference website.

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