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The charismatic movement is hard to define. It represents a vast, diverse array of teaching and practice. On the charismatic spectrum, you’ll find extravagant prosperity teachers, ecstatic speaking in tongues, strange “spiritual” manifestations, as well as legitimate ministries where the gospel is faithfully preached. However, regardless of where charismatic groups might land on that spectrum, they are all tainted with the same dangerous defect.

In the following video, Steve Lawson elaborates on that defect—the fundamental flaw of the charismatic movement:  

All of the speakers at the upcoming Strange Fire conference are committed to the sufficiency of Scripture. They realize that any addition to God’s written revelation is not only a diversion from Scripture but also a dilution of Scripture. Out of zeal for the truth and love for the Body of Christ, we are compelled to speak to that issue at this point in church history. For more information, please visit our conference website.

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