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Strange Fire starts tomorrow. Throughout the last several months building up to the conference, we’ve heard critics saying that we don’t understand the true nature of the charismatic movement—that we’ve chosen too broad a brush to paint with. Defenders are quick to point out that any negative elements only represent the outer edges of an otherwise healthy Christian movement.

But is that an honest assessment? Is it true that the loudest, most notable charismatic voices only represent a rogue, fringe element? Is the heart of the movement truly committed to the sufficiency and supremacy of Scripture? And is the genuine work of the Holy Spirit identifiable amidst manifestations of bizarre signs and wonders?

In the following video, John MacArthur gives his assessment of the charismatic legacy:

We understand that not every charismatic preaches heresy, perverts Scripture, contrives miracles, or fleeces his flock. But the overwhelming tide of the movement drags people away from biblical literacy, spiritual discernment, and disciplined maturity.

From the beginning of our conference promotion, we have worked to encourage faithful charismatics to be vocal critics of the abuses they see within the charismatic movement. We will continue to give that encouragement throughout the conference as our speakers lift up the sufficiency of Scripture and the Person and work of the Holy Spirit.

We hope you’ll join us for rich exhortation and encouragement from the Word of God. Please be sure to watch via the free live stream at tmstrangefire.org.

GTY Staff

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