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The creation/evolution battle received national attention recently from the debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham. Biblical creationism is an issue many Christians struggle with as they weigh the evidence from the Bible against the cultural pressure toward an antisupernatural interpretation of the physical evidence.

Between May and August of 2010, John MacArthur and Grace to You presented a compelling series of articles demonstrating the strength of a biblical, six-day-creation view. As Ken Ham rightly pointed out, this debate is about worldviews, not evidence.

The resources you’ll find on our website are compelling because they stay above the fray of the usual arguments and focus on the transcendent biblical arguments for a normal, historical interpretation of Genesis 1—11. If you missed that series, click here to find all the articles from start to finish. We trust you’ll be challenged, encouraged, and strengthened by the clarity, consistency, and truth of God’s Word.

G. Gabriel Powell

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