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You probably don’t know the name Will Moneymaker—actually, that’s likely how he’d prefer to keep it. For more than eight years, Will has faithfully, quietly served the Lord behind the scenes in the Web Department at Grace to You.

While he has kept a low profile, his work has reached around the globe, touching every area of our online ministry. A full list of Will’s contributions would be impossible to create. It is no exaggeration to say that every page on this website—and there are thousands—has Will’s fingerprints all over it. Will has done everything from creating graphics to uploading sermons to developing the RSS feeds to editing audio and video to writing the e-Newsletter to expanding our reach through social media and much, much more. You name it; Will did it or had a hand in it. If you have been at all blessed by Grace to You through the Internet—whether by our website or on social media—you have directly benefited from Will’s ministry.

Today is Will’s last day at Grace to You, and we thought it appropriate to pull back the curtain just a little on this tireless, faithful servant of God. And while you shouldn’t notice any change in our ministry to you, his gracious, indomitable spirit will be sorely missed around our offices. Please feel free to express your thanks for Will’s ministry in the comments below.

GTY Staff

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