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The homosexual movement presents a serious test for the church today. Will congregations hold fast to the unchanging truth of Scripture and its condemnation of all sexual sin? Or will churches cave to the pressure of society, compromise the truth, and hobble their testimonies? While the right course would seem obvious, a troubling number of churches today are turning away from God’s Word to accommodate the world.

The challenge of responding to homosexuality used to be “out there.” Now it’s in our denominations, our churches, and for some, in the home. Many Christian parents are beginning to wonder, “How should I respond if my child claims to be a homosexual?” For some parents, that question is no longer theoretical.

How should believing parents respond to their homosexual children? How do they deal biblically with their children’s sexual sins—particularly if the children claim to know Christ?

We recently asked John MacArthur those important, heartbreaking questions. You can see his helpful response in the video below.

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