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Back to Basics: The ABC's of Christian Living

Code: 202 Scripture: Selected Scriptures
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Ever wondered why schoolteachers drill young students on basics like addition, subtraction, and the alphabet? Consider this: those few simple exercises are the foundation that all future learning—and all future success—is built on.

That’s also true of your life as a Christian. If your spiritual building blocks are firmly in place, you have a strong foundation to support your future growth and withstand even the worst of life’s pressures.

John MacArthur surveys the bedrock principles of Christianity—and helps you anchor your life to them—in the timeless study Back to Basics.

Includes the following 6 messages:

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    Keys to Spiritual Growth: Introduction
    Code: 1385   |   Selected Scriptures
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    Confessing Jesus as Lord and Glorifying God
    Code: 1386   |   Selected Scriptures
  • Listen
    Confessing Our Sins
    Code: 1387   |   Selected Scriptures
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    Trust, Praise, and Bearing Fruit
    Code: 1388   |   Selected Scriptures
  • Listen
    Obedience, Prayer, and Proclaiming the Word
    Code: 1389   |   Selected Scriptures
  • Listen
    Purity, Unity, and Using Our Spiritual Gifts
    Code: 1390   |   Selected Scriptures

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