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Back to the Future

Code: 246 Scripture: Revelation 1:1-8
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Imagine pulling a book off the shelf of your local library and finding a detailed, graphic description of the final moments of human history. The rise of a world leader with bizarre supernatural power, widespread war, destruction on a scale not known since history began, and a final showdown between righteousness and evil. The story rivals the most creative and fantastic science fiction.

But it’s all real.

That, declares John MacArthur, is what you find in arguably the Bible’s most popular and most popularly misunderstood book: Revelation.

And that’s where John takes you in Back to the Future, a panoramic introduction to this amazing book, covering highlights from beginning to end.

Includes the following 4 messages:

  • Listen
    A Jet Tour Through Revelation
    Code: 1290   |   Revelation
  • Listen
    Back to the Future, Part 1
    Code: 66-1   |   Revelation 1:1a
  • Listen
    Back to the Future, Part 2
    Code: 66-2   |   Revelation 1:1b-6
  • Listen
    The Certainty of the Second Coming
    Code: 66-3   |   Revelation 1:7-8

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