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Wicked World, Angry God

Code: 80 Scripture: Romans 1:16-23
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When most people think about God, they think of warm, tender, grandfatherly love and forgiveness.  But is that the whole story?  Is there more to God that people are unwilling to discover? 

The truth is, God is angry--and He is angry with people who live wicked, ungodly lives in a wicked world.  Yes, God is love, but without a proper understanding of God’s hatred for sin and the penalty it requires, you can never fully comprehend His love and forgiveness. 

In Wicked World, Angry God, John MacArthur looks at what Scripture says about God’s wrath and what that means for you.  Find out what kinds of things anger God and how He can be both infinitely loving yet infinitely angry. 

Don’t run from an understanding of God’s wrath; embrace the reality that the depth of God’s love for you is made evident in His wrath.

Includes the following 6 messages:

  • Listen
    The Gospel of Christ
    Code: 45-08   |   Romans 1:16-17
  • Listen
    The Wrath of God
    Code: 45-09   |   Romans 1:18
  • Listen
    Reasons for the Wrath of God, Part 1
    Code: 45-10   |   Romans 1:19-20
  • Listen
    Reasons for the Wrath of God, Part 2
    Code: 45-11   |   Romans 1:21
  • Listen
    Reasons for the Wrath of God, Part 3
    Code: 45-12   |   Romans 1:22
  • Listen
    Reasons for the Wrath of God, Part 4
    Code: 45-13   |   Romans 1:23

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