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John MacArthurWelcome to the Radio Archive for “Grace to You,” our flagship, daily half-hour radio broadcast.

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How can you become more like Christ in 2015? What steps do you need to take to accomplish that goal? Find out as John MacArthur looks at the nature of spiritual growth in Reaching for the Prize.

How can you make the approaching Christmas season all it should be? Consider that as John MacArthur takes you back 2,000 years to the scene of Jesus’ birth, exploring the story from several compelling, biblical perspectives in his Best of Christmas study.

From life’s complex issues to everyday decisions, the true answers are only found in God’s Word. John MacArthur helps strengthen your confidence in the Bible in his study The Sufficiency of Scripture.

What are you building your life on – what foundational attitudes show others you follow Christ? Take a close look at The Pillars of Christian Character with John MacArthur.

If you’re a Christian, you’re called to join a revolution—one that has everything to do with your family. See why God’s pattern for men and women is world changing. Don’t miss John MacArthur’s study Revolutionary Living in a Dark Culture.

Is the Bible’s standard for women outdated? A poor guide to true fulfillment for wives, moms, and single women? Judge for yourself as John MacArthur looks at God’s Design for a Successful Woman.

What are you celebrating this month? Are your eyes locked squarely on The Jesus of Christmas? John MacArthur helps you make sure you’re focused on the miraculous, life-changing truth of Jesus’ birth.

It’s a message every young person needs to hear — but not just the young. Whatever your age, if you’re a Christian, God calls you to sexual purity — and, thankfully, He equips you to fight and win the battle against temptation. John MacArthur’s study, A Plea for Personal Purity, is armor you need. Don’t miss it.

In today’s world, tolerance is king. And there’s no greater tolerance issue than homosexuality. Where do you draw the line? More to the point, where does God’s Word draw the line? In Homosexuality and the Bible, John MacArthur challenges popular views about how Christians should interact with homosexuals—and what God thinks of homosexuality.

To hear many popular evangelical leaders, we should accept people’s beliefs about salvation even when they don’t square with Scripture. It doesn’t matter that your belief is something less than biblical, only that you’re sincere.

But is it possible to be saved and yet believe a false gospel? What is saving faith – what does it mean to be Delivered by God? Let John MacArthur show you.