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Abiding in Christ

Code: 132 Scripture: John 15:1-25
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Imagine choosing to live each day of your life in utter poverty, with no money and no contact with friends and relatives—and all the while, loved ones and an enormous inheritance with your name on it are at your disposal.

As amazing as it sounds, that’s where many Christians find themselves today—living in an unnecessary state of self-imposed spiritual poverty. Question is, are you tapping into the life-sustaining riches Christ offers and provides? Worse yet, could you be among those Christ warned about—those who think they’re under His care when they really aren’t?

John MacArthur’s comforting and convicting study Abiding in Christ provides rich, vivid insight into Jesus’ last words to His disciples while He was with them. It offers clear instruction about the Lord’s provision for bearing spiritual fruit. You’ll also discover both the benefits and the cost of being connected to Christ.

Includes the following 6 messages:

  • Listen
    The Vine and the Branches
    Code: 1551   |   John 15:1-3
  • Listen
    Abiding in the Vine, Part 1
    Code: 1552   |   John 15:4, 8-10
  • Listen
    Abiding in the Vine, Part 2
    Code: 1553   |   John 15:5-8, 11
  • Listen
    The Friends of Jesus
    Code: 1554   |   John 15:12-16
  • Listen
    Hatred Without a Cause, Part 1
    Code: 1555   |   John 15:17-19
  • Listen
    Hatred Without a Cause, Part 2
    Code: 1556   |   John 15:17-25

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