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The Master's Men

Code: 79 Scripture: Matthew 10:1-4
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You know yourself all too well. Your flaws, fears, and inabilities. So it might surprise you that you’re really no different from the ordinary guys who became Jesus’ disciples. Jesus was—and is—the master at turning weaknesses into strengths and producing greatness from people whose only asset is their utter uselessness.

In his study The Master’s Men, John MacArthur puts you inside Christ’s inner circle of friends, showing you how He can also make you a great disciple—and one who, in turn, disciples others.

Includes the following 7 messages:

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    The Messengers of the King
    Code: 2270   |   Matthew 10:1
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    Peter: A Lesson in Leadership
    Code: 2271   |   Matthew 10:2
  • Listen
    The Master's Men Part 1: Andrew, James the son of Zebedee, and John
    Code: 2272   |   Matthew 10:2
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    The Master's Men Part 2: Philip and Bartholomew
    Code: 2273   |   Matthew 10:3
  • Listen
    The Master's Men Part 3: Matthew and Thomas
    Code: 2274   |   Matthew 10:3b
  • Listen
    The Master's Men Part 4: James the Son of Alphaeus
    Code: 2275   |   Matthew 10:3-4
  • Listen
    The Master's Men Part 5: Judas Iscariot
    Code: 2276   |   Matthew 10:4

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