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In light of scientific developments over the past century, is it time to abandon the literal view of a six-day creation found in the book of Genesis? 

Absolutely not.  A biblical understanding of the creation and fall of humanity establishes the necessary foundation for the Christian world-view.  Everything Scripture teaches about sin and redemption assumes the literal truth of the first three chapters of Genesis.  If we wobble to any degree on the truth of this passage, we undermine the very foundations of our faith.  After all, if God is not the Creator, then maybe He's not the Redeemer either.  If we cannot believe the opening chapters of Scripture, how can we be certain of anything the Bible says? 

I am convinced the correct interpretation of Genesis 1-3 is the one that comes naturally from a straightforward reading of the text.  It teaches us that the universe is relatively young, albeit with an appearance of age and maturity, and that all of creation was accomplished in the span of six literal days.  

To those who will inevitably complain that such a view is credulous and unsophisticated, my reply is that it is certainly superior to the irrational notion that an ordered and incomprehensibly complex universe sprung by accident from nothingness and emerged by chance into the marvel that it is.  

Scripture offers the only accurate explanations that can be found anywhere about how our race began, where our moral sense originated, why we cannot seem to do what our own consciences tell us is right, and how we can be redeemed from this hopeless situation.  

Scripture is not merely the best of several possible explanations.  It is the Word of God.  And my prayer for you is that as you read the opening chapters of the Bible you will believe what God has spoken.

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