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For years, John MacArthur's television program "Grace to You" has enjoyed a fruitful ministry across the United Kingdom through our partnership with UCB. We've grown with our viewing family and have built a strong relationship as we've studied God's Word together every Sunday. That adds an extra measure of sadness to the news I bring.

As you may have noticed, "Grace to You" television is no longer available on UCB. As for UCB's rationale for their decision, they've told us they "have decided to bring on some new teachers, where possible from the UK, to give the channel a fresh young look."

While the news is sad, we are confident this is within God's good providence. If you decide to contact UCB to share your feedback about their decision, please be gracious. Our communication, even in the midst of disappointment, needs to reflect our love for the Lord and His people.

In the meantime, I encourage you to keep watching. Our telecast is still available free of charge, 24 hours a day, right here at our website: "Grace to You" Television (

I would also encourage you to continue supporting us. John MacArthur and all of us on staff here are deeply grateful to you and other UCB viewers who have given sacrificially to help keep "Grace to You" strong and available across the United Kingdom. We're doing everything possible to continue reaching you with Bible-centered resources. Your continued support means more now than ever.

Our desire is to teach God's Word without compromise wherever and whenever He allows, and we look forward to growing our relationship with you. We cherish your faithful friendship, and we look forward to that continuing as God allows.

D. Paul Mitchell
Director, Grace To You (Europe)

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Unleashing God’s Truth, One Verse at a Time
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