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Earlier this week, a Christian told me he wasn’t having any consistent time with the Lord. He was feeling the spiritual effects of it, too. Discouraged with life problems. Anxious. Guilty.

I took a few minutes and put together a 9-week Bible reading plan for him to follow. It was no big deal—just a way to read through some Psalms, three gospels, and other brief portions of Scripture on a weekly basis at an average rate of two chapters per day. He received it eagerly.

The plan is simple but comprehensive—it alternates between the Old and New Testaments to keep the person of Jesus Christ prominent in your reading. The weekly rather than daily schedule eliminates the sense of pressure that comes if you miss an occasional day; you have room to flex with the natural ebb and flow of life. You don’t feel like you’re behind schedule, because you’re not. You can start whenever you want and then use the blanks to record your completion date and track your progress. I find a visual record of progress motivates me to keep going.

____ 1. Mark ____ 2. Psalms 1-27 ____ 3. Luke 1-12
____ 4. Luke 13-24 ____ 5. Proverbs 1-15 ____ 6. Proverbs 16-31
____ 7. Romans ____ 8. John 1-11 ____ 9. John 12-21

Just for fun, I posted about it on my personal Facebook account: “Just prepared a 9-week Bible reading plan for someone who wants to get back into the Word. Simple structure and very attainable to put the rest of summer to spiritual use. Would it help you? If you want something to jump-start some time with the Lord, email me.”

I was surprised when the requests started pouring in. It seems to have struck a nerve with people who want to walk with the Lord but need some basic structure to follow.

So now, with as little forethought as possible, here it is on God’s Word is always fruitful in the lives of those who devote themselves to it (Isaiah 55:8-11). So seek His blessing as you pursue this plan. If the idea strikes a chord with you, print it out and get started—then let us know at the end of the summer how it went for you!

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