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People say, "All those little kids!" They’re beautiful and I mean, not only my three up here, but everybody’s, they're just super little, little guys. I can appreciate the rest of the kids more than mine, because I don’t see the other kids when they’re not like they ought to be. You know, I see them up here and they look, you know, all hearts and flowers and everything else. They are beautiful kids, and we love these children, and they mean so much to us. And we say, "Well, what happens in the rapture?" If they’re all here singing a concert, do we all leave and they’re just sort of standing here? What happens to children? It’s a fair question.

The answer to that question is that there is no Scripture that says anything in particular about children in the rapture. But there are some Scriptures that say something about children. There are many in the gospels. Jesus said regarding little children, "Of such is the..." what? "Kingdom of Heaven." Jesus said, "Suffer the little children to come unto me and forbid them not." Jesus said, "These little ones are mine."

Now its my personal conviction, my personal belief that in the rapture every child that is too young to have made a conscience, willful, rebellious, sinful rejection of Jesus Christ will be taken to be with the Lord. I believe that it would be just the same if a little child died before he reached that age; he would instantly go to be with the Lord. David’s little boy died (2 Samuel), he says, "He cannot come to me but I shall go to him." He knew where he was; he knew he was in the presence of God. I believe when the rapture happens all the little kids that are under the age where they made a conscience, willful, sinful, rebellion against God, where they willfully turned their back on him, I believe the Lord will just take them right with us. You say do you believe that about the children of the unsaved parents? Yes, that’s just my personal opinion cause the Bible doesn’t say. But, if Jesus said, "If anybody offends one of these little ones, it would be better for him..." what? "That a millstone were hanged around his neck and he would drown in the sea. He said if anyone offends one of these MY little ones." I think he possesses them. I think they belong to him, and I think they will go in the rapture.

Now those who have grown past the age where, or to the age where they have made a decision, I think if that decision has been against Christ, or if they have never come to know Christ, they’ll be left in the rapture, and perhaps in the grace of God, be a part of the great revival that occurs after the rapture, in coming to the Lord Jesus Christ. But that’s the best we can do with that question. Any unregenerate children, who are old enough to have made that decision, and I don’t know where that age level is, but God does, will be left as any one else would who refused Christ, hopefully to open their heart to Christ in the great revival that occurs during the tribulation recorded in Revelation 7 and chapter 14 as well.

Grace to You
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