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How are we as Christians to view the new wave of science creating life, as they want to call it, in the laboratory.  The "test-tube babies," the "sperm-banks?" 


I suppose everybody has to draw the line somewhere.  I don't know how to answer the question--it is such a broad question--except to say, anytime that you do anything other than the normal God-intended means--I get nervous.  There are some things that seem to me to be really beyond acceptance, like taking a conceived embryo and planting it into another person.  I know that they are involved in doing some of that kind of stuff.  You can go back to the bottom line thing and say, "If the Lord meant you to have a baby--you'd have a baby--you don't need to go through all of that."  On the other hand, if you can't have a baby you can certainly adopt a baby.  That's pretty much the traditional view.  I feel very comfortable with that view. 

At the same time I know that there are couples who go see "Infertility Specialists."  In fact, we have medical doctors in our church who are OB-GYN Infertility Specialists, and they provide some kind of service to folks to let them know what their alternatives are--I don't think that they are advocating any of this stuff, but there are ways that you can assist a couple.  Somebody can say, "Well, if God wanted you to have a baby, you'd have a baby, so don't go to the doctor."  But if you push that too far, you are going to be holding on to a tree in the back yard, with a leaf--dropping your baby on it--that's a "jungle approach."  We do want some help, and so we go to a hospital.  If we can't have a baby normally, we don't say, "Well, if God didn't want me to have the baby leave it alone."  We say, "No, I will take it Caesarean--I mean, just get the baby!"  So, we are grateful for medical advances, but it becomes a very difficult thing to know exactly where you draw the line. 

I think, when you get outside the couple itself--that's where I have a problem--either physically outside of them or relationally.  In other words, where you impregnate a woman with somebody else's sperm--other than her husband, or where you have some kind of surrogate mother situation--which is done all the time, of course, in the breeding horses and things like that.  Anytime that you get outside of working with those two people that God brought together for the production of that child--I think you got a real ethical problem.  It is going to get more bizarre all the time. 

Crick (sp.) and those guys kind of set the stage for this, but what they are after is genetic engineering and we are already a long way down the line.  Abortion is one step towards genetic engineering.  Abortion basically says, "We now have developed the right to murder anybody that we don't want to be born."  The more sophisticated our prenatal technology becomes, the more able we are to determine the character and quality of the infant that's there.  If they can grow a baby in an artificial womb and chart the course of that baby, and monitor that thing, they will develop the technique to determine its physical skills, its mental skills or whatever, they will figure out ways to do that, and then pretty soon it will be a question of who gets to live and who doesn't get to live--then comes breeding and so on and so forth. 

I really believe with all my heart, and some of these things that I say might sound frightening, and I think they are--I really believe that there are people who want to engineer the human race--the humanist.  You see, they want to eliminate crime and they want to eliminate all the problems in society, they want to eliminate the drones on the society, the welfare cases--the people that just eat up the resources of society. 

The way to do that is:

1. To Control Birth. 

So first what did we have?  We had a big wave of birth control.  All the scare tactics in the world.  Right?  "We have too many people, we have too many people."  I don't know if you know this--the entire population of the world would fit into the state of Rhode Island--the whole world.  But anyway, we have all been scared out of our wits about having too many babies [and] they did that for a long time.

2. To Kill the Babies

The next step was--we will start to kill the babies and we will do it under the guise that a woman has the right to her own body, which isn't the case at all--it's just murder--plain and simple!  It was basically generated by some Jewish Lesbian women, the whole thing, and it's all part of a much bigger conspiracy than we understand.  You look behind the scenes and you will find that there are many people who are antagonistic to Christ behind the scenes.  It is really something; I could talk about that sometime.

Then you come to abortion thing and pretty soon there is a tolerance for some abortions, and now it is anybody, anyplace, anytime, can get an abortion.  It has become a method of birth control.

The next thing in the engineering process will be to determine how the fetus develops, and then we will find out what fetuses we want and what ones we don't want.  And then if we can plant sperm in anybody that we want, then we will start to do that.  And it's all part of, ultimately taking us to the point of engineering all this stuff--it's really frightening.  It's an attack on God and His sovereignty.

So, I think that anytime you go beyond the couple that God brought together and try to create a life, then you really have got yourself into a serious Biblical and ethical problem.

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